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הקמת גינה קהילתית
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Find a Place for Your Garden

It is important that this spot is convenient for the community. We recommend you find a location by working with your local  municipality. 

Locate a Community

Find a community that is excited about starting a new garden. 


Reach Out to Potential Local Partners

Reach out to municipalities, local businesses, NGOs, donors, and activists to help build a prototype for the project.

Split Responsibilities

Divide tasks and roles based on each founder's area of expertise.

Define Leadership Positions

Work with community members to assign leadership positions, such as treasurer or irrigation specialist.

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Cultivate Good Soil

Fertile soil is key to plant growth. We recommend setting up a compost station in your garden to maximize plant growth in your garden.


The garden provides a space to teach community members about garden maintenance, environmentalism, and community. 


Public Exposure

Show off your garden! Advertise your garden, maybe even write an article about it. Spread the word about your garden to attract a larger following. 

Maintaining Your Garden

Expand Your Reach and Impact

Reach out to other community organizations in your neighborhood and host collaborations in your garden. Expand your gardens outreach to the greater neighborhood.

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Plan Events for the Community

Schedule Work Days

Your garden is most likely to be properly maintained if there are scheduled workdays and hours. We recommend a weekly or biweekly schedule.

Gardens are community centers. Plan events to help make your garden a part of the community. Examples of festivities include extracurricular courses for kids, holiday events, and art activities.

הקמת גינה קהילתית
אחזקת הגינה

Empower the Community 

People have great ideas. Encourage community members to provide feedback and suggestions. This helps create positive change in both your garden and the areas surrounding it.

Collaborate with Local Businesses

By incorporating local businesses into your garden's activities you help the community out and create a close bond with the area. 

תכננו למצבי משבר ואתגרים

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התכננו למצבי משבר ולאתגרים

Check out our FAQs for how to deal with vandalism, theft, change of staff, lack of budget, and other potential crises.

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